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350 Gun Collection at Yoap’s Auction Gallery

May 11, 2019 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

1-Owner Collection: Gene Kubasta of Oshkosh

hosted by

Yoap’s  Auction  Gallery

6234 Duame Road,  Lena,  WI

Stiles Junction (Jct. of Hwys. 141 & 22)

SATURDAY,  MAY  11th    Starts at 10:00

Preview on Friday from 11 to 6



DOWNLOAD  the First Half of the Catalog  NOW!!!



DOWNLOAD  the  Second Half of the  Catalog  NOW!!!



Doors Open on Auction Day at 8 AM

Breakfast & Lunch Served by Freedom Foods


Custom Shop hand engraved Belgian Grade V Trombone Squirrrel gun & Browning 75th Anniversary Trombone (1 of 75 built)—Both Unfired in Satin Nickel finish with leather cases

1 of 10 Grade I Trombones built in the Custom Shop,

1931 Belgian Trombone,

1980 BPR Grade II .22 Mag with Squirrel & Rabbit engraving on Grey receiver, Grade II Auto Rifle in Satin Nickel,

Minty Medalist pistol,

1 of 1000 Buck Mark, Challenger, Buck Mark & Nomad special editions



Collection of Lightning small frames built from 1890 to 1901 including octagon & round barrel rifles,

Pre-Woodsman, “Bullseye” Match Target w/ walnut elephant ears, Woodsman Target & Sport, Huntsman, Police Postiive & Official Police revolvers,

Collection of Single Action Frontiers including Buntlines & Lots of Commemoratives (many in cases),

Pocket Model open top Engraved revolver, Colt 22 Cadet, Civil War .22Short single shot



Model 1890 Deluxe,

1890 Gallery,

1890 Engraved Nickel receiver,

Model 1890 case-hardened,

1890 .22WRF, Models 1906 in Full & Part Nickel, 1906 Gallery gun, Minty Model 61’s with octagon & round barrels, Model 62 & 62A’s,

Engraved Model 9422 High Grade,

1 of 1,000 Engraved 9422 Magnum,

Model 77 Deluxe w/ roundknob pistol grip,

Models 250, 270 & 275



Model 12-D Peerless Grade w/ engraved Nickel receiver,

Model 12-C engraved Nickel,

12-B Gallery Special,

Model 12A octagon & round barrels,

Model 121 Fieldmaster & Routledge,

Set of Sun-Grain 572’s in Teal Wing Blue, Buckskin Tan, Blued & Plum barrels,

150th Anniversary 572,

572 Auto-Trap Shoot w/ Simmons rib,

Apache Chrome Nylon 66



Case-colored Model No. 47 (Free with 1929 Stock purchase), Models: 18, 20, 20-A, 20-S, 25, 29, 29-N, 37 & 38,

Engraved Model 39 Deluxe with nickel receiver & lever


Other Rifles:

Stevens Gallery No. 80’s,

Model 75 hammerless, Stevens 70 Visible Loaders, Savage Model 1914 & 25 octagons, Model 29’s, Savage 1903, 1906 & 1909 pumps, Mossbergs, Henry carbine & rifle, Engraved NRA Golden Boy, Weatherby Mark XXII, Daisy VL & Legacy


High Standards:

Sharpshooter, Sport-King, H-D Military & Olympic pistols, Model B & H-B, Sentinel Deluxe Nickel, Sentinel Snubby’s, Double-9 Natchez, Durango, Sport King rifles


Other Pistols & Revolvers:

Rare Russian Margolin Match Pistol, H&R 600 & 900 series revolvers in various cylinder & barrel configurations, Sportsman single & double actions,

U.S.R.A. Target single shot,

Early H&R revolvers with octagon barrels, Chipmunk silhouette pistol, S&W K-22 Masterpiece revolvers with 6 & 8” barrels, Factory Engraved Model 34-1, Model 41 pistol, Antique S&W No. 1 revolvers, Iver Johnson Trailsman, Armsworth, Quickbreak & Target Model 55A revolvers, Ruger Mark II & III pistols, Single-Six, Erma Lugers with barrels from 3 3/4” to 11 3/4”, Beretta Jaguar, Minx, Bobcat & 87 long-barrel pistols, Whitney Wolverine & Olympic Wolverine, Stevens No. 35 & No. 10 pistols, Kimber Rimfire Target, Reising Arms Target Automatic, Walther P-38 .22, Walther PP Sport, SIG Trailside duo-tone PL22, Antique Ethan Allen Side-hammer, C. Sharps pepperbox, Sterling pistols, Bernadelli Target, Charter Arms Explorer II, Savage Model 101, Mossberg Brownie derringer, Uberti rolling block with half-octagon barrel & More


Collector Airguns:

King 1904 single shot,

Daisy “20th Century” cast iron frame, No. 104 double barrel, No. 21 & 24 double barrels, Crosman M-1 Carbine, Feinwerkbau competition rifle, Winchester 333, 353 & 423, S&W 77A & 78G guns, 1 of 1,000 S&W 586 revolver,

Colt 1911A1 pellet pistol,

1911 D-Day, Red Ryder cork guns, Zooka Pop toy gun, Buck Rogers guns, Buck Jones rifle w/ scope, No. 25 with scope, No. 118 Targeteer, Beeman P1, Beretta 92 pellet pistol, Daisy SoftAir Uzi, Desert Eagle, Tommy Gun, etc.

Terms of Sale: Cash or Good Check w/ Proper ID. 5 1/2% Sales Tax. Please bring a Bank Letter of Credit for large checks. Auction Company reserves the right to Hold Items until payment can be verified. Registered WI Auction Co. #480  Cols. Henry Yoap & Leonard Yoap, Registered WI Auctioneers #338 & 339

YOAP  &  YOAP  Auction  &  Real  Estate     (920) 604-1704

11149 Ledge Lane,  Coleman,  WI  54112



May 11, 2019
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Len Yoap